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    Chubbtown: Legacy and Lineage

    Nick Chubb is special. Everyone affiliated with the NFL knows this. He was voted the 33rd best player on the NFL’s top 100 players list before the 2022 season. 33rd overall, but #1 in the heart of every Browns fan, Nick Chubb is the guy that every team gameplans for, and he still won’t be stopped.  […] More

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    Who Are The Browns’ Two New Analyst Hires?

    Following Cleveland’s 38-15 throttling by the New England Patriots on Sunday, the Browns have made key additions to fix their problems.  Seth Walder, sports analytics writer for ESPN, tweeted, “Browns are hiring two new analysts, Brenan Latimer and Austin Grosel, per source.”  Suffice to say, Browns’ fans aren’t happy.  Many fans are hoping these two […] More

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    Next Man Up: Jacob Phillips

    In Thursday night’s division opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers, The Browns lost starting Mike LB Anthony Walker to a torn quad tendon that will require season-ending surgery.  The Browns’ 2020 3rd-round pick Jacob Phillips will take Walker’s place as the starter and defensive signal caller.    The phrase “next man up” coincides with the game of […] More

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    Cade York’s Game Winning Kick Is A Big Deal

    Now that the Cleveland Browns have finally found a kicker in 2022 4th-round-pick Cade York, we should get to know him.  Before we do that though, allow me to set the scene.  In the past few years, the Browns’ kicking room has resembled a “Lazy Susan,” making important kicks seem more like on-field auditions.  But, […] More

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    Behind Enemy Lines: Matt Rhule

    There seems to be a common denominator surrounding the Carolina Panthers; everyone is on the chopping block.  From players to coaches, this is a year where the Panthers have to prove themselves.  But, no one needs to prove themself more than Panthers’ Head Coach Matt Rhule. Many sportsbooks have Rhule as the odds-on favorite to […] More

  • Interior Defense Line is Cleveland Browns “Achilles Heel”

    Many fans and analysts of the NFL are wondering how the Cleveland Browns will fare without Deshaun Watson for 12 weeks of the season.  I am here to tell you that they are all focusing on the wrong position group.  We should all take a good hard look at the Browns’ defensive tackle position, likely […] More

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    Cleveland Browns Lose C Nick Harris To Knee Injury

    The Cleveland Browns’ starting center Nick Harris suffered a knee injury and was carted off of the field in the first 16 seconds of last night’s preseason opener in Jacksonville.  Harris will ‘likely’ require season-ending surgery but the information is still being gathered,  According to Browns’ Head Coach Kevin Stefanski during a press conference held […] More

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    Will Jacoby Brissett Hold Back The Cleveland Browns?

    Whether or not you like the moves the Cleveland Browns have made in the past months, we are where we are.  Deshaun Watson may be suspended, he may not be.  But one thing we know for certain is that Jacoby Brissett will play an important role in the Browns’ upcoming season.  Either Brissett is going […] More

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    Learning about Football: A Glimpse Of Stefanski’s Offense 

    Fans and media that cover and consume the NFL love to focus on personnel. It’s easy.  We know players around the league, we can list coaches and GMs, hell, most of us can remember scores and atrocious officiating from years past.  But that doesn’t mean we know football.  These bits of knowledge are sexy, they […] More

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    Browns RB Room: What does the future look like?

    The Cleveland Browns are facing a dilemma that the franchise hasn’t grappled with since returning to the NFL. How will they balance the team with elite dollars invested at QB? In late March, the Browns traded for quarterback Deshaun Watson, signing him to the biggest guaranteed deal in NFL history. The enormity of the Watson […] More