Browns Can Trade Up: 9 Scenarios

Browns Trade Up Scenario Greedy Williams
CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 21: Cleveland Browns cornerback Greedy Williams (26) on the field during the second quarter of the National Football League game between the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns on November 21, 2021, at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

Draft day is here and the trade talk keeps escalating leaving the question to all Browns fans: Are we trading up in this draft? With Andrew Berry and company looking to add that last cornerstone piece. It is hard not to see this as a very realistic possibility. They say you have to strike when the iron’s hot. With expectations for a Lombardi trophy, we can not afford to miss.

NFC Browns Draft Trade Scenarios

Detroit Lions

Lions Trade Scenario No. 1: Lions trade pick #34 for Browns picks #44, #118 and #223

Detroit would get a 4th and a 7th for trading back 10 spots. They have no picks in either round, so they add asset value accordingly. The fact that they also pick at #32 makes this feasible.

Lions Trade Scenario No. 2: Lions trade picks #32 and #97 for Browns picks #44, #78, #118 and #223

Essentially the same deal, but a 1st-round price tag is going to be steeper than a 2nd even if it’s only 2 spots. Sweetening the deal with a 3rd-round pick swap moves them up 21 spots. We should be able to make this happen if needed.

Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks trade pick #41 for Browns Picks #44 and #202

Seattle owns both the #40th and #41st pick in the 2nd-round. With back-to-back picks, I doubt they trade #40. To trade back 3 spots and pick up a 6th-round pick adds value because they don’t have a 6th-round pick. Knowing that the Colts pick at the #42nd spot can make the price get “spicy” because we (Browns/Colts) both need a pass rusher. Depending on how the draft plays out Cleveland might have to add a 7th-round pick to make it work.

AFC Browns Draft Trade Scenarios

New York Jets

Jets Trade Scenario No. 1: Jets trade pick #38 for Browns picks #44, #118 and #223

It’s no secret New York is looking to add weapons for Zach Wilson. Logically we can assume with their 3 prior picks (2 of which are top 10 selections in the 1st-round) they most likely have the 1st or 2nd option of whom they wanted to draft from their big board. The 6th pick of the 2nd-round will still have premium players available that could have gone in the 1st round. Inter-conference trading is always pricey. Especially when this draft has so many playmakers.

Jets Trade Scenario No. 2:Jets trade picks #35 and #111 for Browns Picks #44, #99, #202 and #223

If Andrew Berry sees a chance to add a day one starter that makes us dangerous, he absolutely will! That’s what makes this one steeper than the last because the Browns aren’t the only team that feels that way. The Jets only have two day three picks (#146 and #163 in the 5th-round) so by making this scenario happen they add a 6th and 7th-round pick for day 3, and they get a 3rd-round pick and send a 4th-round back to even the trade. Pick #38 is theirs as well. They could very well get the guy they wanted at #35 with that pick. So this scenario opens up New York’s big board. If Berry makes this call it will get done!

Indianapolis Colts

Colts Trade Scenario No. 1: Colts trade pick #42 for Browns picks #44, #78 and #202

Make no mistake. Both the Browns and Colts could easily want the same player at this point in the draft. When the expectations are as high as they are for both teams, the price to play poker goes up a lot, even for only moving up 2 picks. But, if this is the guy that ensures us the playoffs (and not them) then you pay it. You only pay it though if you can bet your job on the move. On the other side, the Colts could easily have their eyes elsewhere and see this as an opportunity to use their leverage to their advantage and that’s what makes this scenario so intriguing.

Colts Trade Scenario No. 2: Colts trade picks #42, #73 and #216 for Browns CB Greedy Williams and picks #99, #223

With Gilmore on one side and Greedy Williams on the other, suddenly the Colts have become a potentially top-5 defense by pairing them together. Currently, Brandon Facyson is penciled in on the other side. Williams would be a major upgrade! The Browns have Williams’ and Troy Hills’ contracts expiring after this season. They could trade out of these contracts and get value instead of losing them in free agency with nothing in return. The Browns know what he will bring to the Colts defense and that’s why we get the better end of this deal.

1st Round Draft Pick “Hail Mary” Trade Scenarios

The logic behind these scenarios is that these 2 possible trade partners have 2 1st round picks. More importantly, both of these teams have really good front office personnel and have a history of turning their trade-back assets into valuable depth and reliable starters. That’s why these teams seem to always play when it matters. If this is a decade starter, all-pro level guy that immediately gets my beloved Cleveland Browns to gaining their long-awaited glory then you get it done and never look back.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Trade Scenario: Chiefs trade picks #30 and #135 for Browns CB Troy Hill and picks #44, #78, and #118

Recurring themes going on here. Good teams can always use another good cornerback. Also, 1st round draft picks don’t come cheap to those on the outside looking in, especially when we could be battling the Chiefs in January for the privilege to play in the Super Bowl. For KC to add an impact starter and gain good assets in exchange for the Browns getting a big-time player that can make us AFC champs, you do it!

Green Bay Packers

Packers Trade Scenario: Packers trade picks #28 and #132 for Browns picks #44, #78, #99, #118 and #202

This is Cleveland’s highest potential landing spot in my opinion. Kansas City owns the next two picks which will drive the price up. Kansas City is looking to pair a stud with QB Patrick Mahomes. This is the trade that makes sure they don’t, and in return, we pair a stud with Watson. Better yet a double-digit sack guy that drives Myles Garrett to a 20-sack season. And even better yet, it finally brings the Lombardi Trophy to the shores of Lake Erie.

What do you think?


Written by Steven Giles

Browns fan from Erie pa ..(more to come)

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